Wrong Turn?

A Sheep Among Wolves


When I think of my life – past, present, or future – I get the image of driving and a road map.

Red lights and stop signs force you to briefly put everything on hold. Green lights allow you to continue at ease. Traffic jams test your patience. Construction zones force you to slow down but when complete, allow you to travel smoothly. 5-lane highways force you to be extremely cautious about every movement. Police cruisers make you reevaluate your actions. And there is always the chance of making a wrong turn and getting lost.

Imagine that your life is this road map (right) and you are somewhere on that map, lost. Would you feel worried? Helpless? Stressed? Remember, this is your life we’re talking about.

When I find myself feeling lost in life, I tell myself one thing… This map that I’m stuck on was created and planned by a powerful, merciful…

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