Books I’m Enjoying

My Newest Purchase:

Undaunted by Christine Caine

One of my undauntedfavorite speakers of all time!!!! Can’t wait to dig into her newest book!


The Books I’m Right in the Middle Of:

Start with Why by Simon Sinek

I have bestart-with-whyen non-stop going through this book!!! I am also done with it in just a matter of days! SO good! Starting with why will change our lives! Why we do the things we do, It will change the advice we take, the weight we put on things in our lives and our priorities! Simon Sinek is a great businessman and entrepreneur and all of what he says about business I believe can directly relate to ministry. It is important to run our ministries with our Why! Great book and great lessons!

What Jesus Means to Me by Mahatma Gandhi

what jesus means to meI am absolutely in love with this book right now! This is a book where Gandhi (non-Christian) talks about all his beliefs about Jesus, of course you need to look through it with a grain of salt because Christians have some different beliefs. But it is awesome to see how Gandhi sees Jesus as love and powerful and influential. Opens our eyes to better be able to relate to non-christians and help them see who Jesus is. And most importantly (which Gandhi doesn’t say) is JESUS IS GOD!

Pharisectomy by Peter Haas


This was also a recommendation and a borrowed book from one of my dear girls, Audrey Jung. She read it this past summer during her church internship and had great things to say about how this book challenged her. I was skeptical at first, but a few chapters in I am enjoying it quite well!

Books I Just Finished:

Messy Spirituality by Michael Yaconelli

messy spiritualityI heard great things from my friend Jenna Williams, and avid book reader, that this is quite the solid book. I enjoyed it myself, the Michael is very open with his struggles and makes the reader feel like it’s okay to struggle in the faith as long as we keep moving forward! Always a great reminder. Some pretty awesome stories too! My favorite being a pig that barks in the story of Cinderella, more towards the end of the book, you’ll have to read it to understand!! haha

Grace is by Jeremy Statton

A littleGrace is shorter than the books I have been reading, this book had great points and good reminders. But honestly wasn’t as challenging as I wanted it to be. Many things I have heard before, but it’s always good to be reminded about God’s grace towards us! Probably a great book for a very new believer or a non-believer who has many questions and is open to God!

The Shack by William Young

shackThis book I have heard about for a couple years now and have finally got my hands on it! I am just about half way through and I have cried multiple times and have literally Laughed Out Loud! This is a great story and it is written well, one I will be very sad when I finish. I recommend it and I’ll probably read it multiple times over the years.

How to Hear the voice of God and Understand it by Adam Houge

how to hearNow this book sounds interesting, I am usually very skeptical when it come to books like these, but I figured I’m mature enough to know when it’s not biblical. And on the off chance I can really learn something good, and I can also use this train of thought to really help others who might be stuck in ruts or might think some mystical things and direct them to the truths of the Bible. So far though, so good…. this one I have on (great audiobooks site) and I do not appreciate the narritor…

Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God by J.I. Packer

Great evangelismandthesovereigntybook! This is the second time I have read through this one and I love the way that J.I Packer writes! He is a theologian that really knows how to break down his thoughts, but keeping the stereotypical theologian style of overthinking everything! and I love it! I like to think of myself as a theologian graduating in Bible and spending all my time and money in books like this is my joy!


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