About me

the season for weddings
the season for weddings

My name is Layna and I write for me, sorry to disappoint you. But I love to write and be creative its my way that I process, its the way I worship. I also enjoy many things including outdoors, people, and theology. I love blueberries and coffee, just not together, and I hate polka dots. Random but all completely true. I have worked in many places, in different states and with different occupations. But my ultimate job is to work for Him, as a Theologian if I might add. My ultimate goal is to continue to grow closer to Him everyday. Join me on my journey and I pray you can learn and grow as well.

Graduation 2014
Graduation 2014

My dream of all dreams is to be able to do ministry. This is a very broad topic and I have very many details of thoughts to go along with this. But really any job, any title I want to do what God is calling me to do. This blog here is just that, me trying to figure out life, trying to find out how to grow in my gifts from God and the fruits of the Spirit. But also knowing that the will of God is where my deepest passion and the world’s greatest hunger meet!

and then there is this
and then there is this

My biggest prayer is for our generation, that we step up and take the reigns of our broken world, and through the power of Christ show the enemy what kind of mess he is getting himself into. We are an army rising up, and we will overcome because the war is already won! I am a full believer that we are all one big family (the Body of Christ) and as we work together and learn from each other we better understand God and we build up the strength to say no to the enemy! I hope you enjoy!


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