Do You Want Me to Take my Shirt Off Too? 

Repost from March 2015:

The other night we had yet another successful OPEN MINISTRIES Date Night! This is our fourth one yet and each night has run a little more smooth and we have continued to grow great relationships with our families!

Open Ministries is all about compassion and the Lord has been teaching me a lot about compassion over the past few weeks. But a moment happened last night that has deeply challenged everything I have come to know as true compassion.

One of our staff kids had a blowout as the night got started. Getting him changed, i’m sure was no fun. With his shirt soiled, he just had a zip up sweatshirt to wear, and that’s what he did. Running around and having fun, it didn’t really faze him too much. I watched as he ran up to a young boy, sitting on the floor, reading a book. He zipped down his sweatshirt and said “Hey, I’m not wearing a shirt.” Which made me giggle, like he had just noticed.

Then what really caught my attention was this little boy looking up from his book with a thought of concern said “Do you want me to take my shirt off too?” This blew my mind, what was it in this little 7yr old kid made him think that was the appropriate response? He didn’t ask what happened to his shirt, he wasn’t condescending or rude, He didn’t even think it was funny that this little 3yr old was running around without a shirt. He didn’t even try to fix the problem (which is what I feel most of us would do) but he just saw this little boy and felt compassion and wanted to let him know, shirt or no shirt, you fit in.

Dark skin or light skin, you fit in.

normal education track or special needs, you fit in.

male or female, you fit in.

loveable or hard to love, you fit in.

This has been rocking my world, This is what Jesus did for us, yes he still fixed the problem. He could have fixed the problem from heaven if he wanted too, He could have fixed the problem with a sayso. He’s God, He could have done it in anyway. But he choose to come right into the middle of our mess, and offer to take his shirt off too. Letting us know that he sees us and that we fit in.

The women at the well

samaritan or jew, you fit in.


big or small, you fit in.

tax collector or fisherman, you fit in.

Judas Iscariot

hater or lover, you fit in.

bad choices or good, you fit in.

Sinners at the table

sinners or perfect, you fit in.
Jesus is all about compassion, He’s about loving, He’s all about building relationships and filling the holes in the hearts of those around him. Not just meeting needs, but meeting needs while showing other’s they fit in despite their need.

Matthew 9:36, “seeing the people, he had compassion on them…” 


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