The greatest thing that Christ the son

Ever Prayed is that we might be one

One mind, one body, one spirit

That the likeness between Christ and him

might resonate with the likeness in us

Unity in the image of the Holy Trinity

A oneness inspired by divinity

That as we step in step with the same spirit we might be on the same page

To live in harmony as we come and engage


Lord, let us be one

Despite our backgrounds and despite our personalities

Lord, let us be one

Despite our opinions all the different realities

Because the true reality is calling us into unity

Lord, Let us be one

Despite the diversity, For it’s the beauty of you’re black, I’m white, you’re brown that makes this the true gospel

It’s the difference of your Baptist, your Pentecostal

it’s that you have a mom and a dad that love you and you are an orphan

You have lived your whole life long for purpose and with a vision and you have no idea where to even begin

That you could never see yourself earning a degree and you have a masters in theology

It’s the difference of the poor and the needy from those who have a wealth beyond what they can see

Don’t matter your weight or your height

If your deaf or lost your sight

don’t matter how many kids or how many siblings

Don’t matter if you’re tough or if people hurt your feelings

If your single or divorced

Or if your marriage has kept its course

But I’m telling you this one thing

that matters most is unity

The church you grew up in could have a green carpet or red,  could have pews or seats

or you could have gotten your religion from the streets

but I’m telling you unity has won

Lord, let us be one


For it’s the love that we show one another in this room that allows the world to see that we are the followers of Christ

That we truly believe in the resurrection and His great sacrifice

You’ve asked me to speak a word on my soapbox

so I will scream from the mountain tops

I could go on unorthodox

Because unity will blow off your socks

Sorry for my slang

but isn’t this the reason why you came

I might be 25 and you might be 50

You might be swag and you might be nifty

But in Christ there is no Jew nor Greek

Nor male nor female

nor master nor slave

But we are one

As I’ve practiced this over and over in my mirror

I couldn’t help but feel the spirit of God come near

for this is the gospel


Lord, let us be one


It’s a beautiful thing standing hand in hand

although sometimes you’ve felt the shorthand

standing side-by-side

thou because of me there have been times you cried

together on the front line

even though u feel like you’ve been put on the sideline

Standing together strong

even though I know you’ve done me wrong


The commitment of unity

is allowing the confrontation when things have gone astray

being willing to speak up when things seem to be going the wrong way

Being willing to be humble and loving and caring when you just don’t feel like it

Being willing to set aside your pride and allow Jesus to come in a little bit

being willing to say I’m sorry and to fight for reconciliation

For unity begins with great communication

For God’s love surpasses every situation

For God’s peace surpasses all education

For God’s comfort and care is promised to every generation

His purpose and vision intertwined in all of creation

And he asked that we be a divine representation


And the day before Jesus said it was done

He prayed that we, his followers may be one


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