My top 10 favorite moments of VBS that you won’t hear in the church recap

My top 10 favorite moments of VBS that you won’t hear in the church recap.

in no particular order…

10. At craft time we had only two pieces of purple foam left, and three girls that wanted purple foam. Without any bribes or any help from the teachers I told them I only had two pieces and they would have to figure it out. One of the young girls said that she could have orange instead. And later when I asked she was really okay with that, she politely shook her head yes. I was able to take her aside and give her a small prize and encourage her heart to let her know that the spirit she had for being helpful and caring to those around her and by not complaining really honors God and creates good character in her heart.

9. When I asked the kids what else is invisible, and one of the boys raised his hand and waited patiently for me to call on him. And his answer was…. farts…. very creative.

8. When a young girl got in trouble and told her teacher she can’t do it because she’s dumb and stupid and ugly. And one of our teen helpers was able to sit her down and tell her she had something very important to tell her. She continued to speak life over this student. To tell her God made her exactly the way he wanted and that she is so beautiful and smart and was lovely in God’s eyes. And that this leader believes she was smart and beautiful too. Then all week I was able to watch as we began to break down the lies in this young girl’s heart and remind her that she is beautiful and she is loved.

7. During game time, our youngest group k-1st grade was playing what time is it Mr. Fox. Our lovely Judah was playing along and decided he didn’t want to stop when he was supposed to. All the kids froze and watched Judah weave through each of them and get past them in his waker. And with no influence from the teachers, they let him continue; Some of them even moved out of the way so he could get by, but they kept their hands up as if they were still frozen. As Judah got all the way to the end they all erupted with praise as they cheered for him with so much enthusiasm! Even though he broke the rules, they all seemed truly excited that he won!

6. Being able to walk from class to class and not take control, but instead feed concepts and management tips to the teachers that needed just some extra help. Being able to watch my kids learn to respect all authority is important to me. Not just listening to the Children’s Pastor. I was able to help by whispering boundaries and ideas to the teacher and they were the one that can enforce it. Drawing the boundary and setting the discipline. By teaching the kids respect for all, our teachers were able to help our children give attention to all authority and they learn its important to listen to all those in charge.

5. Having the time to meet parents and talk to many as they see the impact that VBS and kids church has been having on their children and hearing how its changing their homes.

4. Watching our children pray, with their hands raised in the air and their hearts focused on Jesus. And especially one little guy who gets down on his knees in front of the pew and buries his head in the ground. It melts my heart.

3. One of the young girls from the neighborhood gave me a ring of hers and I gave her one of mine, and I watched how important and special she felt.

2. Having some of the kids work so hard on memorizing their verse and even one young girl who couldn’t get it all the way, she had come up to tell me at least 10 times and the Lord reminded me why it’s important to memorize verses, as we hide the word of the Lord in our hearts, we don’t memorize for the sake of a prize. So I talked to her about that and had her tell me what the verse means to her. And gave her a prize based off of that.

1. Watching kids from VBS show up to church with their families for the first time this Sunday and seeing how those kids are becoming a light to their homes, our street and our city!

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